Simtars continues its support of the QMEA Ambassador Program

09 Dec 2021

The visit incorporated tours of Simtars propagation tube, dust laboratory demonstrations and mobile gas laboratory, followed by the flameproof enclosure demonstration and an overview of protection techniques of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.The visit concluded with a tour of the gas laboratory and analytical chemistry laboratory, followed by a presentation identifying the important role that occupational hygienist and analytical chemist provide to industry.The students gained a better understanding of the broad variety of applications and careers that support and service the mining industry and how Simtars contributes to improving industry safety and health outcomes.Many of the students will enter a career in the mining sector and other allied industries. Being able to see first-hand the valuable work Simtars does to ...


ISM remote installation

03 Dec 2021

The team were planning on installing the laboratory in person, but the project was delayed due to the international travel restrictions.Despite these challenges and the occasional language barrier, the multi-skilled team have turned adversity into opportunity through careful planning and lateral thinking.Simtars secured the services of a local Indian agency, Sujyoti, to assist and as a result the Spontaneous Combustion Laboratory project can be completed and commissioned at the IIT(ISM) campus.This will complete the collaborative agreement between IIT(ISM), Coal India and Simtars and enable joint future research that will return mutual benefits to the regions.


QUT student projects at Simtars

01 Dec 2021

Troy Atkinson, Jonathan Cheng, Todd Smith, and Wilfred Brown particpated in a simulation of gas explosion in Simtars’ propagation tube and an assessment of exhaust gasses emitted from the Steamexfire 300.Troy and Jonathan created a 2D simulation of the propagation tube using ANSYS Fluent and worked closely with Simtars staff to undertake explosion propagation tube testing.Todd and Wilfred’s projects analysed the exhaust gases from the Steamexfire 300 to determine the suitability for extinguishing underground coal mine fires.The gas samples were analysed using a gas chromatograph (GC). The GC was setup to analyse Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ethylene, Ethane, Methane, and Acetylene.Congratulations to all students for successfully completing their projects. Simtars will continue this work as part of its ...


Simtars supports White Ribbon Day

24 Nov 2021

Staff at Simtars have come together to mark White Ribbon Day and pledge to help end domestic and family violence.They were joined by representatives from the Women’s Crisis Support Service Ipswich who shared their experiences, challenges and the support available.As a White Ribbon-accredited workplace, Simtars is recognised for promoting a respectful workplace culture where everyone feels safe, supported and included.If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic and family violence, you can find assistance through these services or call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).


Open Cut Mines Rescue

22 Nov 2021

Simtars was proud to have the opportunity to be part of the sponsorship for the Open Cut Mines Rescue Competition hosted by Queensland Mines Rescue Service at Newlands in October.This year there were five rescue scenarios that the teams needed to complete:Road crash rescue simulating a multi vehicle car accident.Mine site crash rescue, simulating a vehicle that’s fallen off the high bank of the mine into the pit with an injured worker in the vehicle.Workshop rescue, simulating a workshop accident on the mine site with multiple injured workers.Fire rescue, simulating a mine site office on fire with multiple workers trapped.Fire rescue, simulating a conveyor belt incident in a mineCongratulations to the winners of the mines rescue competition: The Yarrabee team ...


Simtars' gas analysis

01 Sep 2021

Simtars recently undertook gas analysis for a client, to investigate a potentially hazardous situation involving gases detected from an unknown source.In collaboration with Simtars’ chemists, it was determined that the most likely source of the gas was bacterial.To further the investigation, the client designed a sampling regime using Simtars’ gas analysis to provide the information necessary to carry out additional analysis.Simtars’ laboratory staff developed a method to safely analyse the biological samples and provide a fast turnaround for results due to the time sensitive nature of the analysis.“We greatly appreciated the dedication, flexibility and skill demonstrated by Simtars gas laboratory officers. Results were provided rapidly and accurately. This enable us to manage a dangerous situation effectively, and to resume normal ...


Simtars - leading the way on improving flow meter calibration

04 Aug 2021

Secondary flow meters are used to determine exposure to respirable and inhalable dusts. They must be accurate and consistent to provide reliable results.The two main standards, AS 2985 and AS 3640, specify that flow meters are calibrated against a primary standard bubble tube flowmeter. These standards are outdated.Calibration using a bubble tube flowmeter is a lengthy process, influenced by changes in temperature, humidity, pressure variations and human error.The Simtars Calibration Laboratory believes there is a better way.We have recently purchased a high accuracy, electronic reference flow meter to reduce the uncertainty of calibrations as well as significantly reducing the time to complete the calibration.The unit is calibrated by Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) as our laboratory reference, and comparison trials ...


Safegas and CAMGAS users group seminar

05 Jul 2021

The seminar included sessions on advancements in spontaneous combustion research and technologies and a tour of Simtars to showcase some of our current research projects. Operators from different mine sites also had the opportunity to share their own experiences.was also presented. It was an honour to have Peter Dent personally deliver the presentations to the winner, Marcus Creighton from Oaky North mine and runner up, Greg Cunliffe, also from Oaky North Mine. Congratulations, Marcus and Greg.Simtars Safegas CAMGAS users’ group is a free annual event for Simtars premium customers in Queensland and New South Wales.Thank you to Oaky North mine (Glencore), Broadmeadow Mine (BMA) and Carborough Downs Mine (Fitzroy Resurces) for supporting and attending this year’s event and making it ...


Simtars Director appointed as NATA Chair

23 Feb 2021

NATA is Australia’s national body for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration services, producers of certified reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers throughout Australia.Simtars’ test and calibration laboratories are NATA-accredited in the following areas:Testing activities associated with the certification of equipment used in areas where there is a risk of gas or dust explosions such as in underground coal mines, petroleum and gas installations and the like.The monitoring and analysis of gas and dust samples where there is a risk of gas explosions or a danger to the health of workers.The calibration of gas monitors and sampling pumps used for the monitoring of explosive environments or the level of worker exposure to dusts.Congratulations David on this critical and ...


Simtars continues its support of the QMEA Ambassador Program

10 Dec 2020

The visit incorporated tours of the gas laboratory and analytical chemistry laboratory along with propagation tube and dust lab demonstrations. The visit concluded with a flame proof testing demonstration and a rundown of intrinsic safe (IS) testing. The students gained a better understanding of the vast variety of applications and careers that support and service the mining industry, to make it a safer and healthier industry for all.Students enjoyed their visit and left with a better understanding of how Simtars contributes to improving safety and health outcomes in the mining and allied industriesMany of the students will enter a career in the mining sector and other allied industries. Being able to see first-hand the valuable work we do to ensure ...


Safety alert: Anti-static materials in underground coal mines

19 Oct 2020

The tests proved that even products with lower surface resistivity (<300 MΩ) are capable of causing spark ignition when not bonded to earth. This is more likely if the product has unbonded metallic components as part of the construction and potentially may compromise worker safety in underground coal mines.As a result of the Simtars testing, Resources Safety and Health Queensland issued safety alert no. 381 on 29 September 2020 and the New South Wales Resources Regulator released a safety alert on 9 October 2020.The safety alerts provide details of the testing and recommend that manufacturers of FRAS-rated materials ensure testing is undertaken by an independent testing facility in accordance with the relevant requirements of MDG 3608.Simtars can assist manufacturers and ...


Free online dust awareness course available

27 Aug 2020

This course will help you identify dust sources at a quarry and implement dust control measures.


RSHQ established as a Statutory Body under the Resources Safety and Health Act 2020

15 Jul 2020

On 1 July 2020, Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) was established as a Statutory Body under the Resources Safety and Health Act 2020.RSHQ comprises the former division of the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) referred to as Resources Safety and Health which incorporates Simtars. Simtars will continue to trade as Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (Simtars) under the new entity ABN of 49 809 734 894.The establishment of RSHQ is the latest in a suite of sweeping mine safety and health reforms. Queensland’s 66,000 resources workers will have their own independent health and safety body. The state’s resources workers can now rely on an organisation with one job – keeping them safe at work.As ...


Simtars’ continued services in response to COVID-19

27 Apr 2020

The unprecedented situation with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) presents additional challenges for everyone in our sector. This communication is to provide you with an update on the services that Simtars continues to provide to our valued clients.Simtars has a business continuity plan in place to manage the risk of COVID-19 and ensure critical functions continue. Our plans align with advice from Queensland Health and broader government direction given we all play an important role in preventing the spread of the disease and keeping ourselves, our families and our communities safe.Simtars is continuing to provide essential services during this time and our priority remains the health and safety of our employees, customers and the resource sector. Our Redbank and Mackay offices remain ...


Simtars welcomes visiting Japanese delegation

03 Mar 2020

Simtars recently welcomed delegates from Japan’s national institutes to their Redbank campus.Representatives from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and JGC Corporation (Oil and Gas Projects) were here to understand how IECEx* certified equipment from overseas is managed in Queensland.IECEx is an international certification scheme that outlines standards required for equipment suitable to use in explosive atmospheres (such as underground coal mines).Discussions were centred around how the international certification (IECEx) scheme integrates with the national certification scheme (ANZEx). Australia and New Zealand standards are used for specific products such as mining plugs and receptacles, bolted couplers and fuel dispensers where an IEC equivalent standard does not currently exist.It was ...