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Combustible dust services

Simtars offers extensive testing of dusts to help you better design and install equipment used in areas where combustible dust poses an explosion or fire hazard.

We have more than 20 years of experience working with design engineers, equipment suppliers and hazardous area consultants in government, universities and mining, and in a wide range of industries such as metal processing, food products, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

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Materials we can test

We can test all dusts, including metal powders, foodstuffs, wood dust, coal dust and waste residue.

We do exclude some materials that may be hazardous to our staff or the equipment (e.g. powders that generate highly corrosive acid gases in the explosion tests).

Available dust tests

  • Explosibility (Go/No-Go) Screening Test confirming to AS ISO/IEC 80079.20.2 and ASTM E1226
  • Explosion Indices (Pmax, KSt and St Class) conforming to AS/NZS 4745 and ASTM E1226
  • Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) / Minimum Explosion Concentration (MEC) conforming to AS/NZS 4745 and VDI Guideline 2263
  • Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) conforming to AS ISO/IEC 80079.20.2 and VDI Guideline 2263
  • Minimum Ignition Temperature as a dust cloud (MIT Cloud) confirming to AS ISO/IEC 80079.20.2
  • Minimum Ignition Temperature as a 5 mm and 19 mm dust layer (MIT Layer) conforming to AS ISO/IEC 80079.20.2
  • Particle Size Analysis — laser diffraction method confirming to ISO 13320

Why choose Simtars combustible dust services?

State-of-the-art test equipment

Our combustible dust laboratory houses specialised test equipment, some of which is not currently available elsewhere in Australia. This includes the:

  • 20L Siwek Sphere used to determine the optimum explosive indices
  • MIKE Modified Hartman Tube used to determine the minimum ignition energy of combustible dusts.

Australian and industry accreditation

We use and comply with the recommended Australian Standard, American (ASTM) and German (VDI) test methods for combustible dusts.

Highly-trained laboratory staff

Simtars' highly trained and professional laboratory staff deliver quality services to clients across a broad range of industries including:

  • coal mines, metal mines and quarries
  • coal ports and coal processing
  • refineries, metal processing and smelting
  • power stations
  • state and local government
  • defence
  • manufacturing
  • general industry
  • construction.

Last updated: 11 May 2022