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Calibration services

Simtars offers testing services for explosion protected electrical equipment.

We have close to 30 years of experience helping equipment manufacturers and equipment operators associated with underground coal mines, oil refineries, petrol stations, grain silos, sewerage treatment plants and processing industries.

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Ensure the optimum performance of your equipment to meet safety requirements. We assess and test your products and equipment to meet Australian and international industry standards.

This includes:

  • explosion-protected electrical equipment (Ex equipment)
  • ingress protection (IP) of electrical equipment enclosures
  • fire-resistant anti-static (FRAS) materials.

Our calibration laboratory specialises in calibrating equipment to meet compliance requirements, and is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) under the AS ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The service supports our testing activities and is available to general industry.

Each calibration is accompanied by detailed reporting of the calibration outcome and/or data.

Gas detectors

We calibrate a range of gas detecting and monitoring equipment. This includes specific gases, detector types and concentration ranges, for example:

  • carbon monoxide: by electrochemical sensor over a 0.0001–1% range
  • methane: by pellistor sensor over a 0.0001–5% range
  • oxygen: by electrochemical sensor over a 0.0001–25% range.

Personal sampling pumps

The accurate calibration and performance testing of personal sampling pumps enables accurate calculation of sampling volume. Accurate sampling volume is critical when determining the airborne concentration of a substance collected.

Simtars can perform a full range of sampling pump tests based on the requirements of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene’s Technical Paper ‘Air Sampling Pumps: Equipment Calibration Requirements’ including:

  • back pressure flow rate
  • timer functions
  • low battery final flowrates
  • maximum compensation range back pressure
  • delayed start / time run tests
  • flow fault indication

Temperature controlled ovens, furnaces and environmental chambers

Calibration of a temperature and/or humidity controlled enclosures is to determine if the indication on the display values of the enclosure corresponds to those values measured in the enclosure. This is critical for analytical and testing laboratories to ensure they provide accurate and reliable results against specific standard requirements.

Simtars is NATA-accredited for the calibration of temperature and/or humidity controlled enclosures against the requirements of AS2853, AS/IEC60068.3.5, AS/IEC60068.3.6. We can also conduct these measurements at your facility.

Scope of our NATA-accredited calibration services

View the complete scope of our NATA-accredited calibration services:

Last updated: 31 Oct 2022