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Dust management

Simtars provides service excellence in the fields of measuring, assessing and managing the risk from exposures to dust and particulate hazards in the workplace. We also provide services testing and assessing the size, combustibility and explosion potential of dusts to enable control of fire or explosion hazards in manufacturing and processing operations.

  • Dust management services

    We provide high-quality respirable dust monitoring and management solutions so you can comply with dust monitoring requirements to keep your workforce safe.

  • Combustible dust services

    We provide testing services to help you design and install equipment used in areas where combustible dust poses an explosion or fire hazard.

  • Clearing the Air — Mineral Mines and Quarries

    This free online course is available to help you identify dust sources at a quarry and implement dust control measures to ensure a healthy work environment.

Last updated: 11 May 2022