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Engineering, testing and assessment services

We have close to 30 years of experience helping equipment manufacturers and equipment operators associated with underground coal mines, oil refineries, petrol stations, grain silos, sewerage treatment plants and processing industries.

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Ensure the optimum performance of your equipment to meet safety requirements. We assess and test your products and equipment to meet Australian and international industry standards.

This includes the following.

Electrical testing

Assessments and testing of electrical equipment for compliance to AS3100.

Explosive atmospheres equipment testing

Simtars can provide testing and assessment of products designed to various recognised protection standards for use in hazardous explosive gas/vapour and dust atmospheres.

Ingress protection (IP) testing (AS 60529 or IEC 60529)

Ingress protection tests on motors, electrical switchboards, lighting fixtures and enclosures.

FRAS material testing

We can perform tests on enclosures, hoses, ventilation ducting and other fittings.

Environmental (temperature and humidity) testing

Testing of electrical equipment for resistance to extreme temperatures (heat and cold stress) and humidity (tropicalisation).

Vibration testing

Testing of electrical equipment for resistance to vibration.

View the complete scope of our NATA-accredited testing and assessment services:

Last updated: 11 May 2022