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Gas monitoring and consulting services

Simtars is your one-stop-shop for mine gas monitoring systems and specialist advice. We offer turnkey mine gas monitoring solutions incorporating our Safegas, Segas Professional and Camgas systems, as well as a range of specialist gas consulting services.

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Turnkey gas monitoring solutions

Our complete gas monitoring solutions include:

We offer proven and sophisticated gas monitoring systems that have been deployed around the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and China.

For detailed information on our gas monitoring systems, 24/7 technical support and training, contact us.

Safegas and Segas Professional

The Safegas data acquisition tool displays gas concentration and gas ratios, determines explosibility probability, and triggers alarms when tolerance values are breached.

Segas Professional is our gas analytical tool for more in-depth study of gas results, including trending of explosibility, gas ratios and much more. The software enables operators to readily convert complex gas data into simple graphs and diagrams. It can be integrated with Safegas to provide instantaneous analysis of gas samples.

Safegas features:

  • Multi-level password-controlled user access and fail-safe alarms
  • Simultaneous monitoring of tube bundle and real-time sensor data with the display of sampling locations on mine plan
  • Gas chromatograph configurable to suit the needs of each site
  • Accommodates a broad range of hardware configurations
  • Complete audit trails of alarms and operator actions
  • Instantaneous analysis of gas sample explosibility
  • Remote support for problem diagnosis and support


Camgas/EzGasPro (computer-assisted mine gas analysis software) allows mine operators to use a gas chromatograph, a role normally reserved for experienced chemists.

Camgas/EzGasPro features:

  • Fast, reliable and complete mine gas analysis
  • User-friendly operator interface
  • Support by expert analytical chemists through remote access
  • Powerful analysis of data by linking to Segas Professional

Specialist gas consulting services

Simtars can provide a full range of specialist gas consulting services, including:

  • gas simulations for mining emergency planning and simulations
  • coal spontaneous combustion management advice
  • abandoned mines gas monitoring
  • gas monitoring compliance audits
  • gas analysis for incident investigations
  • safety management plan reviews and audits (domestic and international)
  • legislative reviews and compliance
  • technical and scientific input to risk assessments
  • specialist control system programming.

Why choose Simtars gas monitoring and consulting services?

Complete customised solutions

We offer complete gas monitoring solutions including purchase, installation, validations, training and 24/7 support.

24/7 support and training

Our experienced mining engineers, analytical chemists and software engineers are on call to support Safegas, Segas Professional and Camgas/EzGasPro customers.

On-site training

We provide on-site training for Safegas/Segas Professional and Camgas/EzGasPro.

Last updated: 11 May 2022