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Simtars Gas Chromatograph (Camgas) training

This course provides the necessary training to perform comprehensive gas analysis by gas chromatograph (GC) using the Simtars Computer Assisted Mine Gas Analysis System (Camgas). The course equips participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to understand the gas chromatographic technique and the operation of the EzGas Professional software. Participants will also learn maintenance procedures for the Camgas system.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

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Who should attend

The 2-day course is suitable for new operators of Camgas equipment, while the 1-day refresher is suited to existing operators.

Course delivery and assessment

The Camgas training is a hands-on course delivered on-site — providing familiarity with the operator’s own system and calibration gases in addition to samples they will regularly encounter. It includes interactive theory and practical exercises.

The course assessment consists of an observational assessment of tasks performed, with a verbal and written assessment to be completed on-site during the training period. A practical assessment is issued to be completed within 4 to 8 weeks after the on-site training.

On successful completion of the course and assessments, participants will be issued with a Statement of Attendance.

If the practical assessment is not completed by a participant in the required time frame, a Statement of Attendance will be issued for the theory component of the course only. To complete the practical assessment, these participants will need to undertake an additional refresher training session. Completion of the practical assessment is required for operation of the Simtars gas chromatograph system.

Course content

  • Brief history of mine explosions and importance of gas analysis
  • Micro gas chromatograph instrumentation theory
  • Operation of EzGas Professional in accordance with Simtars procedures
  • Calibration
  • Sample introduction
  • Graphical review and correction of chromatography
  • Review of results
  • Processing of data
  • System maintenance

Last updated: 11 May 2022