Safegas and CAMGAS users group seminar

Simtars recently hosted the Safegas and CAMGAS users group seminar. The event was an excellent opportunity for underground coal mine operators to refresh their knowledge on gas monitoring, trend analyses and troubleshooting.

The seminar included sessions on advancements in spontaneous combustion research and technologies and a tour of Simtars to showcase some of our current research projects. Operators from different mine sites also had the opportunity to share their own experiences.

was also presented. It was an honour to have Peter Dent personally deliver the presentations to the winner, Marcus Creighton from Oaky North mine and runner up, Greg Cunliffe, also from Oaky North Mine. Congratulations, Marcus and Greg.

Simtars Safegas CAMGAS users’ group is a free annual event for Simtars premium customers in Queensland and New South Wales.

Thank you to Oaky North mine (Glencore), Broadmeadow Mine (BMA) and Carborough Downs Mine (Fitzroy Resurces) for supporting and attending this year’s event and making it a success.

Safegas and CAMGAS users group seminarThe 2019 Simtars Peter Dent Chromatographer award