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Simtars continues its support of the QMEA Ambassador Program

09 December 2021

Students from QMEA Ambassador Program (Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy) spent the morning meeting members of the Simtars Executive Team and technical staff.

The visit incorporated tours of Simtars propagation tube, dust laboratory demonstrations and mobile gas laboratory, followed by the flameproof enclosure demonstration and an overview of protection techniques of electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

The visit concluded with a tour of the gas laboratory and analytical chemistry laboratory, followed by a presentation identifying the important role that occupational hygienist and analytical chemist provide to industry.

The students gained a better understanding of the broad variety of applications and careers that support and service the mining industry and how Simtars contributes to improving industry safety and health outcomes.

Many of the students will enter a career in the mining sector and other allied industries. Being able to see first-hand the valuable work Simtars does to ensure mine safety and health is maintained throughout Queensland and knowing they will work in a safe environment was a great way of reinforcing their decision to follow their chosen career path.

Congratulations to the graduating student ambassadors from all the staff here at Simtars and we look forward to welcoming the newly appointed ambassadors in 2022.

QMEA Ambassador Program Simtars tour 1

QMEA Ambassador Program Simtars tour 2

Last updated: 09 Dec 2021