Simtars supports the NEXTgen of engineers

Ahmad Abdullah, Simtars Assessment and Testing Officer, has been selected for the 2019-2020 NEXTgen Contributors Program offered by Standards Australia.

The NEXTgen Program selects emerging industry and technical experts and provides them with an exciting opportunity to become involved in the national and international standardisation processes supporting Australian industry and government. The program will train young professionals who will experience the national and international standards development processes and understand what it is like being involved on a Technical Committee of Standards Australia with their industry peers.

Through webinars, meetings, networking and professional development activities, these emerging leaders share knowledge and collaborate to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to shape robust standards that contribute to the net benefit of the Australian community. Ahmad has already attended the first two modules of the program in Sydney, which consisted of an interactive induction workshop and a workshop on how to write an Australian Standard. Mr. Roland Terry-Lloyd (Head of Standards Development at Standards Australia) has been assigned his mentor by Standards Australia to guide and support him throughout the program.

Ahmad said, "I was interested in applying for the 2019/20 NEXTgen Contributors program to learn the process of standards development and observe the committees in action. It will definitely benefit Simtars, our clients and myself by enhancing my working knowledge of Australian Standards and their intended applications, providing networking opportunities and exposure to people from different industries and test labs. I am highly grateful to the Simtars leadership team for all the support in this regard and looking forward to a valuable learning experience."

Figure 1: Ahmad Abdullah, Simtars Assessment and Testing Officer