Australian Mines Rescue competition success for Queensland teams

Queensland took out the top three places in the 57th Australian Mine Rescue competition held at Moolarben Mines Rescue Station in Mudgee on 17 October 2019.

In the last four years the winners of the competition have been from NSW. The event is held on an annual rotational basis in NSW and Queensland. The top four rescue teams from the Queensland EK Healy Cup competition represent Queensland against the top four NSW teams; a little bit like state of origin.

The results for the competition were:

  • Grosvenor Mine 1st
  • Kestrel Mine 2nd
  • Moranbah North Mine 3rd, who were also first placed in the virtual reality assessment
  • Appin Mine (NSW) 4th
  • Oaky North mine 5th

The winning team has the opportunity to represent Australia in the international mines rescue competition.

The Grosvenor team is the first team in 57 years to win the competition with a female team member; it should also be recognised the second placed Kestrel also had a female team member.

Special thanks to Coal Services NSW and Queensland Mines Rescue Service.

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First place winner of the Australian Mines Rescue Competition - Anglo American Grosvenor Mine

Figure 1: First place winner - Grosvenor Mine

2nd place winner of the Australian Mines Rescue Competition, Kestrel Mine

Figure 2: Second place winner - Kestrel Mine

3rd place winner of the Australian Mines Rescue Competition, Moranbah North mine

Figure 3: Third place winner - Moranbah North Mine