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Public consultation

Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) is the independent regulator of worker safety and health in Queensland's mining, quarrying, petroleum, gas and explosives industries.

Our public consultations enable interested stakeholders, members of the public and industry workers to have a say about changes to resources safety and health policies, legislation, and more.

In addition to the consultations listed on this page, you may be interested in the Queensland Government's 'Get Involved' consultation portal.

Consultations open for feedback

Any consultations we have open for feedback will be displayed here.

Consultation period closed, feedback under review

These consultations have now closed, feedback is being considered, and a report or regulatory change is being developed.

  • Consultation regulatory impact statement and decision regulatory impact statement

    The recommendations from the Review of all fatal accidents in Queensland mines and quarries from 2000 to 2019 by Dr Sean Brady (the Brady Review) and the Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry show that continuous improvements are needed to the resources safety legislative framework, to improve its effectiveness and ensure safer environments for resource sector workers.

    RSHQ has developed the Facilitating High Reliability Organisation behaviours in Queensland’s Resources Sector and Modernising Regulatory Enforcement’ Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (CRIS) to outline the proposed changes to resources safety acts in Queensland.

    The CRIS proposes a range of reforms which act on recommendations from the Brady Review and Queensland Coal Mining Board of Inquiry report. The reforms will:

    • facilitate the growth in high reliability organisation (HRO) behaviours
    • modernise regulatory enforcement powers
    • implement a more contemporary legislative framework
    • ensure consistency across the resources safety acts.

    Overview of consultation

    • The consultation period closed on 21 November 2022.
    • Feedback was sought via get involved website.
    • A town hall meeting was held in Mackay on 27th October 2022. The presentation provided is available here. Town Hall presentation (PDF, 4.6MB).
    • A public consultation forum was held in Townsville on the 4th November 2022.

    CRIS and DRIS

    Following the end of the consultation period for the Facilitating High-Reliability Organisation behaviours in Queensland’s Resources Sector and Modernising Regulatory Enforcement consultation regulatory impact statement (CRIS), RSHQ has considered all responses, made any necessary changes to the CRIS proposals, and is developing the Draft Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (DRIS). Further information about the next stages of the project is provided below.

    If you require any other information contact Jonnita Gillam via

    21 Nov 2022

    Consultation closed


    Consider responses for the CRIS and make any necessary amendments to the CRIS proposals. Incorporate feedback into the Draft Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (D-RIS) and prepare drafting instructions. Commence work with the Office of Productivity and Red Tape Reduction to obtain their approval for the D-RIS.

    Next Steps

    The policy approach, the drafting of the Bill and the release of the D-RIS will be submitted to Cabinet for approval.

    If Cabinet approval is received, the D-RIS will be released to the public.

    If Cabinet approval is received, the Bill & Explanatory Notes will be drafted.

    The Authority to Introduce (ATI) Cabinet Submission (to introduce the Bill into Parliament) will be drafted.

    Next Steps

    The draft Bill will be publicly released for consultation and feedback will be considered.

    Cabinet approval for the ATI submission will be sought.

    Introduction of the Bill into Parliament and referral to the Parliamentary Committee for inquiry on the Bill.

    Commence implementation preparation.

    Next steps

    Debate and passage of the legislation.

Previous finalised consultations

These consultations have now been completed and actions have been finalised.

Last updated: 22 Nov 2022