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Put Gas Safety on the menu

Queensland kitchen workers can face significant injuries due to gas-safety incidents.

While the risk of DIY or unlicensed gas work may seem low, the potential outcomes can be devastating. As restaurant owners and managers, you owe it to your customers and your employees to ensure every aspect of your kitchen is safe.

When lives are on the line, don’t take shortcuts. Put gas safety on the menu and follow our tips to keep your kitchen safe.

Your recipe for gas safety in your restaurant

  • Always use a licenced gas fitter for any gas work. To check if a gas fitter is licenced, find out more here.
  • Make sure any gas equipment or appliances are approved and compliant with Australian standards, visit our website to find out more.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturers’ instructions for any gas equipment of appliances.
  • Take care when moving gas appliances for cleaning purposes. Appliances attached via a hose can be damaged by excess strain or kinking when installed incorrectly or when approaching their replacement age.
  • It's good practice to turn off the gas supply to the kitchen overnight or for periods of time when kitchen is not in use. The emergency gas isolation valve for the kitchen should be clearly labelled and readily accessible.
  • Make sure all gas appliances are routinely serviced by a licenced gas fitter to maintain safe operational use and to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.
  • Check that gas burner flames are blue in colour. Yellow looking flames indicate poor combustion or flame impingement which requires attention from a licenced gas fitter.
  • Have an emergency plan if you have any gas safety concerns, including the contact details for your licenced gas fitter.

Download and share our gas safety flyers

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Last updated: 31 Oct 2023