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Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) is committed to sharing information to promote improved safety and health outcomes and educate and assist industry to meet its obligations to protect workers from serious harm.

Our subject matter experts are keen to share their expertise about safety and health matters and these videos, slide packs and other information are available for use in toolbox talks and safety discussions - and to support your professional development.

Mines and quarries

These presentations discuss safety matters relating to mine and quarry operations.

  • In this presentation, Mines Inspector, Theo Kahl unpacks the hazards present in excavator egress systems. Drawing on the investigation into the fatal injury of an operator, and the in-depth testing of egress systems of several leading brand excavators used at Queensland mine sites.

  • Each year one Queensland underground coal mine runs a level 1 emergency exercise to test their readiness for emergencies and the learnings help the industry boost their preparedness to respond to major emergencies. This video discusses the learnings from the 2019 Cook Colliery and 2020 Moranbah North level one exercises. The session also discusses key learnings that have been gathered over 23 years of exercises.

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  • In October 2019, a coal mine worker seriously injured their wrist and forearm following the failure of a cylinder head plate when repairing a broken track link on an excavator. Analysis of the incident provides useful lessons about the management of equipment bought onto site and questions to ask about site suppliers’ testing and maintenance programs.

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  • Trailing cable damage HPI criteria were developed to deliver consistency in reporting across all mine sites. This presentation shares information about the risks associated with trailing cables provides examples of incidents and reviews data from past performance.

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Occupational health

These presentations discuss matters relating to the health of miners - topics include mine dust lung disease prevention and detection, and research into organo-isocyanate detection.

  • Since the introduction of the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme, there has been significant improvement in spirometry across the Queensland coal sector. Find out how RSHQ reforms paved the way to quality spirometry and learn about future initiatives including ResHealth – an electronic system capturing health assessment data in real time.

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  • When it comes to measuring airborne exposure, one of the biggest issues facing the coal industry is chemical characterisation and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). It’s important that chemicals are clearly identified so hygienists and safety professionals on mine sites are aware of what may be present and the monitoring required to measure them.

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  • Improvements to respiratory health examinations for coal, mineral mine and quarry workers include higher quality chest X-ray standards, better training for health care professionals and a recognised standard for reporting results. RSHQ has a strict process in ensuring each component of the medical screening process is working effectively.

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Petroleum and gas

These presentations discuss safety initiatives and programs for the petroleum and gas industries, including downstream, upstream and hydrogen.

  • Queensland is committed to the development of renewable hydrogen production in Australia and is rapidly scaling up a hydrogen economy. In October 2021, the RSHQ’s Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate led a webinar to discuss the development of a safety code of practice for the hydrogen industry in relation to mobility.

Last updated: 09 Jun 2023