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Petroleum and gas safety instruction no. 6 | 05 September 2015 | Version 3

Non-compliant butane gas cookers

Key issues

A fault has been identified in certain butane portable cookers with certificate numbers. The fault relates to the safety release mechanism. This mechanism ejects the canister should it become overpressurised. Overpressurisation results from increased temperature, which can be due to:

  • incorrect assembly of the appliance (e.g. the trivet being placed incorrectly)
  • use of an oversized pan, reflecting the heat from the burner back onto the butane canister
  • placing the canister cooker on top of another cooking appliance (e.g. BBQ) while still hot
  • leaving the butane canister and/or appliance inside a vehicle or direct sunlight.

Some people may currently possess a butane portable cooker where the safety release mechanism is NOT working. This represents a health and safety risk to the user.


If you possess a non-compliant butane gas cooker, cease use of the appliance immediately.

There has been a nationwide recall initiated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Check their recalls website for information on how to return non-compliant recent model gas cookers to the supplier.

Alternatively, dispose of the appliance in a responsible manner, with any used butane canisters disposed of safely in appropriate bins at council waste or recycling centres.

If there is no longer a certificate or label on the cooker seek advice from the appliance manufacturer about whether or not the shut-off mechanism on that model is safe. You can also contact us on 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

If users have any doubt about their appliance they should consider safety first and dispose of it or replace it.

If you possess a portable butane cooker with another label or certificate number it is recommended that you check your appliance and follow proper safety instructions for use.

A video for the safe use of portable lunchbox cookers is available on our Facebook page.

Affected brands and models

We encourage you to look out for and stop using your appliance immediately if it has one of these certificate numbers, or if your appliance is any of the brands and models indicated.

Suspended or cancelled certificate number

Appliance brands

Appliance model number

AGA 5241

Auscrown and Wild country Handy Range Portable Camping Stove


AGA 5907

Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro, Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine, Campers Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape & Gas Craft

CM2100, CM2200, STO990, ST7000, FT2100, FT2200, ST1, ST2

AGA 6810

Campmaster, Red Centre, Grillrite, Rough It, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Festiva, Campers Collection, Spinifex, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape, Gas Craft, Portable Single & Double Burner Stove

**2150, **2250, **2250SP, **2160, **2160S
(** = customer code)

AGA 6834

Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro, Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine, Campers Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz, Escape, Gas Craft & Spinifex

**2170 & **2270
(** = customer code)

AGA 7378

My Collection, Red Stone, Home Essentials, Bai Hui Portable Camping Stove

BDZ-168, BDZ-163S

AGA 7437

Five Star and Gasmate Single Burner Portable Camping Stoves

Brand MS-2000 B
Plus MS-2000

AGA 7633

U-Bute Traveller

U-Bute Traveller

AGA 7920

Gasmate, Gasmaster, Jumbuck, Excalibur, Jackeroo, Adventure Ridge, Buy Right

PC1060, KPC1060, MPC1060, PC1065, JPC1065, PC1070, PC1075, PC2070, KPC2070, MPC2070, AR2070, PC2075, BBC2075, PC2080


Adventure Ridge




House Brand










Red Desert






SAI GAS40077




Recent sample testing by certified gas industry technical regulators has identified safety concerns with the use of some portable butane 'lunch box' style cookers. Non-compliance with Australian standards has resulted in approvals for a number of models being suspended or cancelled. 

The currently identified certificate numbers to look out for are AGA 5241, 5907, 6810, 6834,  7378, 7437, 7633 and 7920; and SAI Global GSCS20063 and GAS40077. To help identify non-compliant butane gas cookers, the brands and model numbers relating to these suspended or cancelled certificates are listed below. Certificate numbers are also imprinted on individual gas appliances (see photo below).

Relevant manufacturers, importers and suppliers of these model appliances have been contacted and requested to implement an action plan to address all relevant issues.

Authorised by Marshall Holmes - Acting Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas

Contact: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

Issued by Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy