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  • RSHQ is transitioning to ResHealth and the health assessment process is moving online. This transition has already commenced and will continue throughout the remainder of 2022 and in to early 2023. From 1 April 2023 it will be mandatory for all coal mine worker health assessments to be started through ResHealth.

  • An Examining Medical Officer, or EMO, is a doctor who carries out medical examinations for coal mine worker health assessments under the supervision of an AMA.  EMOs must be registered with RSHQ as examining doctors.

    You can find a list of examining medical officers on the Register of Doctors and Medical Providers.

  • A supervising doctor is a doctor who is registered with RSHQ as being able to carry out and supervise a health assessment and can issue a health assessment report. A supervising doctor must be appointed by an employer, as their Appointed Medical Adviser (AMA) before they can complete the health assessment for that employer’s coal mine workers.

    The supervising doctor (or AMA) can supervise another registered approved doctor (examining medical officer) to conduct the examination section of the health assessment, or the supervising doctor can complete the whole health assessment themselves.

    You can find a list of supervising doctors on the Register of Doctors and Medical Providers.

  • The HA reference is used to find a health assessment in ResHealth. Each time a health assessment is started it will have a unique reference. This is so that the employer, worker and medical professional can access the relevant part of the health assessment they are completing.

  • Yes. Every health assessment, no matter what type, uses a unique reference known as the HA reference.

  • The employer representative can cancel a health assessment by locating the health assessment through their ResHealth Health Assessment Management tab and selecting the option to Cancel HA (located on the righthand side dropdown menu for that particular assessment).

  • When an employer or their representative initiates an assessment in ResHealth, the assessment will be assigned a unique HA reference number.  When booking the worker in for their examination with an Examining Medical Officer (EMO), the employer or their representative will need to supply the EMO with the HA reference number along with the workers name and date of birth. The worker can also do this if they are booking their own examination appointment.  This information will allow the EMO to find the worker in the system and complete the examination section of the health assessment.

  • The health assessment (HA) report provides the outcome of the health assessment.  It is ResHealth’s equivalent to the paper-based Section 4. Both the ResHealth HA Report and the paper-based Section 4 can be used at this time. The employer and the worker are provided the HA report upon completion of the ResHealth health assessment.

    For further information please see the video RH01 - Approved health assessment reports which compares the HA Report to the paper Section 4.

  • You are not required to download and sign any documents when using ResHealth. The digital submission of the health assessment is a declaration that the information you are submitting is true and correct to your knowledge.

  • Coal mine workers require a full health assessment before they start work for each employer as a coal mine worker and then periodically, as decided by the employer’s appointed medical adviser (AMA), but at least once every 5 years. The employer or their representative must initiate each health assessment in ResHealth. More information can be found here.

    The AMA may require a subsequent assessment (also known as a review) with the worker before their next full health assessment.  The subsequent assessment only considers specific matter(s) that were identified by the AMA in the most recent health assessment. For example, the worker may require an annual audiometry test.

  • If you are unable to prove your details online, you will be provided with an alternate option to prove your identity in-person at a QGov customer centre. For further information on this please see the QGov website.

  • For guidance on updating your ResHealth account with your new name, contact the ResHealth team.


  • You will need to register and complete your section of the health assessment before attending your medical examination. You can complete your section of the health assessment as soon as you receive an email from your employer.

  • No. You cannot change the information once you have pressed submit on your section of the health assessment. If you need to update the information you supplied you can ask your doctor during your medical examination to add notes.

  • No. An employer must arrange and pay for a health assessment for you before you start work with them as a coal mine worker.  Your employer, or prospective employer, will initiate your health assessment process within ResHealth.  You should speak to your prospective employer about the health assessment arrangements that they will make. Do you want to learn more about the health assessment?

  • Your doctor may recommend that you have a follow up exam, which is called a subsequent assessment. A subsequent health assessment is a health assessment that covers only some matters, as identified by a previous assessment. Subsequent assessments happen for several reasons such as reviewing test results and/or following up on a known health condition to make sure you can carry out your tasks at the mine safely.
  • It is hard to estimate how long your health assessment will take as it depends on how detailed your work history is and whether you have used ResHealth before.

    We suggest that you leave approximately one hour to register and complete your section.

  • Currently, ResHealth supports the health assessment process for current coal mine workers.  Retired and former mine and quarry workers can access information on free lung checks and how to apply.


  • RSHQ is transitioning to ResHealth and the health assessment process is moving online. This transition has already commenced and will continue throughout the remainder of 2022 and in to early 2023. From 1 April 2023 it will be mandatory for all coal mine worker health assessments to be started through ResHealth.

  • Workers do need a personal email address to register with QGov and use ResHealth.

    Workers can access support to complete their section from the same sources as they do now when completing the the paper form – they may seek support from their employer, the medical practice where they have their examination, or a friend or family member.

    The worker section in ResHealth is mobile-friendly so workers can complete their section anywhere, on any device, such as a tablet or smart phone.

    Workers can contact HSU by phone or email for guidance on how to register and how to complete the worker section. Workers can watch the video W01 – Worker overview or access a fact sheet on worker registration for instructions on how to complete their section

Self employed

  • No. If you are a self-employed coal mine worker, you need to register two separate accounts via QGov - one as an employer and one as a worker. You will use your employer account to initiate the health assessment process, then log-in as the worker and complete your health assessment.

Medical provider

  • Yes. You can download a PDF of the sections relevant to your role.

  • There may be several reasons you cannot find a health assessment within ResHealth, for example:

    • the worker has not completed a health assessment within ResHealth and/or the worker has not yet submitted their section within ResHealth for their current health assessment process; or
    • some of the information you are using could be incorrect, E.G HA reference.

    If this is not the case, then contact a member of the team at ResHealth for assistance on (07) 3818 5420.

  • You can contact the ResHealth team with a request to remove information from the worker's records and provide the replacement required.

  • Supervising doctors and examining doctors (examining medical officer) registered with RSHQ can continue to access a worker’s health assessment records from the Health Surveillance Unit via the AMA Portal. In future if a worker provides their consent digitally and if available, records may be accessed in ResHealth.

  • As a registered doctor you will receive an email invitation from the ResHealth team to register.  The email will provide a link and details on how to do this. All access to ResHealth is via QGov.

  • No, however, as with the paper form, the examining medical officer (EMO) comments do assist the appointed medical adviser (AMA) to conduct a thorough assessment of the worker’s fitness. Including comments also reduces the chance of an AMA having to send the health assessment back to the examination stage, if they feel they need more details from the EMO.

Frequently asked questions have been categorised to provide an easier navigation for you.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact the ResHealth team.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2022