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Zero serious harm

Resources Safety & Health Queensland (RSHQ) is a risk-based, data-driven regulator. Our vision is zero serious harm across Queensland's resource sector. Our focus is the safety and health of workers in Queensland’s mining, quarrying, petroleum, gas and explosives industries.

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Alerts, bulletins and notices

Ammonium nitrate risks - explosion at the Port of Beirut

12 Aug 2020

Safety Alert 101 - Ammonium Nitrate Risks - Explosion at the Port of Beirut... Read more »

Explosives industry

Explosives safety alert no. 101 | Version 1

Managing Gas on Open Cut Coal Mines

11 Aug 2020

Safety Bulleting for industry to help industry manage gas at open cut coal mines... Read more »

Coal mines industry

Mines safety bulletin no. 186 | Version 1

Worker Entangled in Conveyor Drum

27 Jul 2020

Preliminary information from a worker being seriously injured at a quarry on Tuesday 19 May 2020 when his left arm became entangled in the rotating... Read more »

Metalliferous mines industry

Significant incident report no. 82 | Version 1

Uncontrolled Release of Energy - Polyethylene Pipe

28 May 2020

Uncontrolled Release of Energy from Polyethylene Pipe... Read more »

Coal mines industry

Mines safety alert no. 374 | Version 1

Respirable silica and dust exposure monitoring

09 Jul 2019

The Petroleum and Gas (P&G) Inspectorate has undertaken proactive worker exposure monitoring in collaboration with Queensland Government’s Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (Simtars).... Read more »

Petroleum and gas industry

Petroleum and gas safety alert no. 91 | Version 1

Inspections of Gas Systems in Vehicles and Vessels

07 Jul 2020

Information bulletin regarding defects not being identified during inspections of gas systems on vehicles (caravans/RV) and vessels (boats).... Read more »

Petroleum and gas industry

Petroleum and gas safety information bulletin no. 11 | Version 1

Dangers of not following gas appliance manufacturer's instructions under bench gas oven installation

10 Jul 2020

A diligent gas work license (GWL) holder issued a Gas System Defect Notice for an incorrectly installed under bench gas oven.... Read more »

Petroleum and gas industry

Petroleum and gas safety alert no. 96 | Version 1

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