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Coal Inspectorate | Bulletin | No.218 V 1 | 25 March 2024

Pick & Carry Crane Incident – Animation Video

What happened?

On 1 August 2023, a pick & carry crane was being utilised to ‘roll’ over the roof section of a diesel-powered surface pump, to allow access to the exhaust section for removal. During the manoeuvre, the load has shifted and swung into the rigger, knocking him to the ground and fracturing his leg in multiple locations.

The incident has been investigated by the RSHQ Serious Incident Investigation Unit (SIIU). The investigation has been finalised and recommendations have been made.

How did it happen?

Based on the mine and SIIU investigations, events leading up to the incident have been recreated and are available in the following video animation.


All site senior executives should:

  • ensure processes are in place to verify competency of coal mine workers when appointed to undertake works and that ongoing verification of competency processes are in place.
  • review and implement recommendations included in Pick and Carry Cranes Safety Bulletin | No.199 v2 | 07 August 2023.
  • share the animated video of the incident with all coal mine workers involved in lifting activities.
  • have ‘no go zones’ in place for works around pick and carry cranes.

All coal mine workers should:

Authorised by Jacques le Roux - Chief Inspector – Coal

Contact: Patrick Hurley, Inspector of Mines , +61 7 3199 8001

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