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Explosives important notice no. 4 | 06 September 2007 | Version 1

Flyrock incidents

References and further information

  1. Safety Alert No 8 – Recent flyrock incidents
  2. Explosives Information Bulletin No 11 – Precautions against flyrock
  3. Blasting Notification form
  1. There have been a number of recent instances of flyrock resulting from blasting activities in the construction industry. The incidents were all high potential incidents that could have resulted in death or injury. Property damage and traumatisation of members of the public have occurred.
  2. It is obviously not acceptable to project material from a blast in excess of the predetermined, controlled, exclusion zone such that it may cause injury, death, or property damage. Shotfirers are reminded that they must take all reasonable steps to minimise the risk associated with material projected by a blast (refer Section 126 of the Explosives Regulation 2003). The shotfirer must use explosives in accordance with AS 2187 Part 2 Use of explosives.
  3. A risk assessment is an essential part of any blast activity. Enclosed with this notice is a copy of Mines Safety Alert 8 – Recent flyrock incidents and Explosives Information Bulletin 11 Precautions against flyrock.
  4. A blasting notification form must be submitted at least 7 days in advance for any blasting activity not conducted on a mine or quarry. A copy of the revised blasting notification form is enclosed with this notice. Shotfirers are required to report incidents in accordance with Section 55 of the Explosives Act 1999.
  5. The recent incidents of flyrock indicate a lack of attention to appropriate levels of protection (eg artificial burden, cover, mats) to prevent dangerous flyrock. Uncontrolled or potentially damaging flyrock is not acceptable and shotfirers are to ensure that all blasting activities are risk assessed and appropriate protection is in place to prevent dangerous flyrock.

Authorised by Chief Inspector of Explosives

Contact: Manager, Explosives Licensing

Issued by Queensland Department of Mines and Energy

General: This information is a guide only. It is not to be taken as a statement of law and must not be construed to waive or modify any legal obligation.