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RSHQ officers ensure Riverfire goes off with a bang

31 August 2023

Officers from Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) are performing their final safety inspections on fireworks before Riverfire kicks off for another year.

Each year RSHQ's Explosives Inspectorate authorises the spectacular fireworks displays to ensure safety of the multi-venue pyrotechnic show in the state's capital.

Authorised displays are conducted by professional, licenced contractors and operators using approved firework products.

In 2023 there will be 15 firing locations around Brisbane including:

  • the Story Bridge
  • the Goodwill Bridge
  • 5 barges along the Brisbane River
  • 8 city rooftops

More than 2 tonnes of fireworks will be used in the display, shooting 20,000 ground-based pyrotechnic effects and more than 4000 aerial shells.

RSHQ's Explosives Inspectorate will have 4 Inspectors on duty conducting inspections from Thursday morning through to the end of the display on Saturday night.

More than 1500 hours of preparation goes into the fireworks display at Riverfire.

"Riverfire is one of Australia's most logistically-complex events," said RSHQ Senior Inspector of Explosives Raymond Stewart.

"It's also a family-friendly event, so we want to make sure it's safe.

"We had a really successful fireworks display this year at the Ekka and that's because our Explosives Inspectorate made sure everything was up to code.

"We're being just as diligent at Riverfire, ensuring compliance with the Queensland legislation and fireworks code of practice obligations."

This year's Riverfire pyrotechnic show is run by Foti International Fireworks.

Riverfire kicks off the opening night of the Brisbane Festival on Saturday 2 September.


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Last updated: 31 Aug 2023