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Common kitchen product could protect you from a gas explosion this Christmas

21 December 2023

If it bubbles, you're in trouble.

That's the message Queensland’s gas safety regulator, Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ), is pushing during the holiday season, as more people light up the barbecue during the holidays.

RSHQ gas inspector Paul Beaumont is encouraging Queenslanders to use a common kitchen product to test for gas leaks.

"Mix some dish washing liquid with water into a spray bottle and apply it to a connection or juncture on your barbecue," said Mr Beaumont.

"If it bubbles, you're in trouble, because that indicates you've got a gas leak.

"The best thing to do then, is turn off the gas and tighten the connection."

Sunshine Coast local Brian White is lucky to be alive after a gas incident in his backyard, in 2021.

Mr White was changing the gas cylinders on his barbecue when the new cylinder burst into flames.

"I realised I had another full spare bottle under the barbecue and thought I better get that out," said Mr White.

"But as I was opening the doors and there was a mix of the gas, it blasted a 3-metre flame out at me, scorching my shirt, face and hands."

Mr White was taken to hospital for a checkup, but luckily his shirt took the brunt of the burns.

"Learn from me and make sure you check your gas bottle connections are safe before using them," said Mr White.

RSHQ also recommends checking your gas cylinder is in good condition, and that the hoses haven't frayed.

"Hoses dry out and become brittle over time which can lead to cracks," said Mr Beaumont.

"You can also now buy new valves which have an inbuilt safety function that won't allow the gas to flow unless the connection has been properly made.

"It's a small cost that can save you a lot of heartache and prevent injury."

For more information on gas safety, head to RSHQ's website.

Watch RSHQ's BBQ gas safety video here.



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