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Petroleum & Gas Inspectorate | Bulletin | No.17 V 1 | 25 July 2022

Noise Health Risk Assessments on Drilling & Completion Activities

What happened?

The Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate (PGI) conducted a Noise Health Risk Assessment across several drilling & completion plant and activities to determine a baseline for noise hazards. The principal health related effect of noise exposure is hearing loss. Damage to hearing depends on the frequency, loudness and length of noise exposure. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is painless, progressive, permanent and preventable. By controlling the noise within the lease, the benefit extends to environmental noise management e.g. improving landholder relations.

How did it happen?

In April 2022, PGI conducted the first ever personal noise monitoring and area noise sampling of numerous stakeholders across tenure holder drilling & completion lease activities:
Each of the 33 personnel participating in the noise HRA were fitted with an intrinsically safe dosimeter which recorded the noise exposure the person was exposed to throughout their 12-hr shift. Two hundred and twenty-one, 20-second noise samples were taken across the lease, of noise exposure during various activities and of equipment operating under various stages of load. A detailed noise map was developed based on the samples collected and provided to the involved participants, along with a detailed report of the findings.

Key issues

Operation or PlantLAeq (dBA)LCpeak (dBC)
Knocking up hardline (striking metal action)101.3138.2
Cementing operations112.8130.2
Mud pumps105.4119.4
Koomey units95.0112.9
Vac truck suction pumps92.4106.9
Drillers station85.9117.7
Rig carrier engine99.8115.0


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Authorised by Radika Lucas - Deputy Chief Inspector – Petroleum & Gas

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