Simtars' gas analysis

Simtars recently undertook gas analysis for a client, to investigate a potentially hazardous situation involving gases detected from an unknown source.

In collaboration with Simtars’ chemists, it was determined that the most likely source of the gas was bacterial.

To further the investigation, the client designed a sampling regime using Simtars’ gas analysis to provide the information necessary to carry out additional analysis.

Simtars’ laboratory staff developed a method to safely analyse the biological samples and provide a fast turnaround for results due to the time sensitive nature of the analysis.

“We greatly appreciated the dedication, flexibility and skill demonstrated by Simtars gas laboratory officers. Results were provided rapidly and accurately. This enable us to manage a dangerous situation effectively, and to resume normal operations much faster than would otherwise have been the case. If the analytical skills were not available at Simtars, we would have had a much more difficult situation to contend with.” (client)

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