Simtars - leading the way on improving flow meter calibration

Secondary flow meters are used to determine exposure to respirable and inhalable dusts. They must be accurate and consistent to provide reliable results.

The two main standards, AS 2985 and AS 3640, specify that flow meters are calibrated against a primary standard bubble tube flowmeter. These standards are outdated.

Calibration using a bubble tube flowmeter is a lengthy process, influenced by changes in temperature, humidity, pressure variations and human error.

The Simtars Calibration Laboratory believes there is a better way.

We have recently purchased a high accuracy, electronic reference flow meter to reduce the uncertainty of calibrations as well as significantly reducing the time to complete the calibration.

The unit is calibrated by Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) as our laboratory reference, and comparison trials are underway with further announcements later this year.

As a leader in health and safety, Simtars is always looking to further improve industries’ confidence in the reliability of dust monitoring results.