How Simtars can help with your EMPs

Want to know how Simtars can help you with your Environmental Management Plans (EMP)?

Simtars understands that successful operational environmental management, and the development of a culture of sustainable environmental management, are best embedded during the early stages of a project.

We work with our clients to develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for construction and operations that are compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001.

We also offer support during the implementation of the EMS and, if desired, the certification of the EMS to ISO 14001.

Simtars can also collaborate with you to develop Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) to ensure environmental management is compliant and successful during the pre and post operational phases of a project.

Simtars understands regulatory compliance and that’s why clients turn to us to perform the annual environmental reporting needed to meet the requirements of their project’s environmental authorities.

This includes air quality and noise monitoring, water quality monitoring (surface and ground), cultural heritage management, subsidence and geotechnical monitoring, and flora, fauna and habitat monitoring and reporting.

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