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Occupational Health | Bulletin | No.OH0007 V 1.0 | 31 October 2023

Biannual Health Surveillance - October 2023


Understanding the incidence and types of occupational health harms across the resources industry is important for monitoring the effectiveness of exposure controls to manage risks. Our third biannual report updates the discussion on mine dust lung diseases and sexual harassment, and now provides information about psychosocial hazards and ResHealth.  Since 1 April 2023, all coal mine worker health assessments must be completed on this online system.

Psychosocial hazards

As part of our responsibilities for regulating workplace safety and health, RSHQ is working with stakeholders and increasing its activity to ensure operators are effectively managing the risks of psychosocial hazards.  This has included embedding a fit-for-purpose framework for receiving and responding to complaints and reports of sexual harassment and other psychosocial hazards.

RSHQ is also continuing to increase its understanding of psychosocial hazards and has analysed de-identified workers’ compensation data, including from self-insurers, to provide further insight into psychosocial hazard exposure in the resources industry.

Industry is reminded of the obligation to report incidents involving psychosocial hazards to RSHQ. Workers also have the option of reporting complaints relating to psychosocial hazards, including sexual harassment, that can be made anonymous or confidential. Incidents and complaints can be reported by calling RSHQ’s dedicated phone number for these matters - 1300 581 077. Further information is available on RSHQ’s website.

Further work is also being progressed to clarify the obligations to manage psychosocial hazards in Queensland’s resources industry and developing a guideline specifically for the Queensland resources industry on managing the risks of workplace sexual harassment.

SSE disease reporting

Site senior executives (SSEs) from all sectors are reminded of their obligation to notify an inspector whenever they receive a report of a prescribed disease (e.g. silicosis). SSEs must now also provide the chief inspector with information about the diagnosed worker via the approved form.

The full report is available to download.

Authorised by Dean Barr - Executive Director Occupational Health

Contact: Health Surveillance Unit, Occupational Health , +61 7 3818 5420

Issued by Resources Safety & Health Queensland

Placement: Place this announcement on noticeboards and ensure all relevant people in your organisation receive a copy, understand the content, findings and recommendations as applicable to their operation. SSEs should validate that recommendations have been implemented.