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Occupational Health | Bulletin | No.OH0002 V 1 | 23 September 2022

Audit findings: Examining Medical Officers and Supervising Doctors

Audit overview

Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) engaged Ernst and Young to audit the key administrative functions of the Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme (the Scheme) as part of ongoing compliance and quality improvement processes.

The audit reviewed providers against requirements for registration with RSHQ, including application of the standard conditions of approval , relevant clinical standards, and guidance material. Fifty four Supervising Doctors (SD) and 116 Examining Medical Officers (EMO) were audited.

The audit found that compliance under the Scheme was high (96 per cent), with doctors performing particularly well in elements relating to their knowledge of the Scheme, such as the Clinical Pathways Guideline, and privacy and consent requirements. While compliance with the Scheme was high, the audit also identified areas for improvement which can be used by doctors to improve their practice.

Opportunities for improvement

  • Familiarise yourself with the standard conditions of approval.
  • Communicate sufficiently with workers regarding the outcome of their health assessment.
  • Ensure you are enrolled in RSHQ’s doctor training program.
  • Follow all instructions on the approved form when carrying out health assessments.
  • Establish a clear means of communication between the SD and EMO to address any issues raised through the health assessment process.

Detailed insights

This video provides a more detailed overview of the opportunities for improvement outlined above.

References and further information

Refer to the Standards and resources for health assessments webpage to access the current requirements for performing health assessments.

Authorised by Dean Barr - Executive Director Occupational Health

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