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LPG cylinder safety reports

Leisure LPG cylinder safety reports

Although the study found no evidence of declining standards in imported products and that importers have processes in place to check that products meet regulatory requirements, it highlighted a number of issues including:

  • The majority of safety incidents involving LPG cylinders relate to LPG leaking from the cylinder valve.
  • Information gathered from other regulators and industry bodies highlights the failure of the overpressure safety device as a factor in the ongoing incidents with butane cookers.


Testing conducted by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) on a random selection of LPG cylinders and butane cartridges has confirmed there are issues with LPG cylinder valves and high pressure in butane cartridges.

The standard for LPG cylinder valve design should be revised to improve safety and an Australian standard for butane cartridges should be developed to specify performance and design requirements.

Read our full findings and recommendations (PDF, 388.9KB).

Read the full report of verification testing of LPG cylinders and butane canisters (PDF, 234.9KB).

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020