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2021 Safety Reset

Improving safety culture through better hazard and incident reporting

The Queensland resource sector’s second safety reset concluded in October 2021 with over 1,000 resets occurring across more than 190 sites.

The theme of the 2021 Safety Reset was: "Chronic unease: improving safety culture through better hazard and incident reporting."

The activity, requested by Minister for Resources, Scott Stewart MP, was developed in consultation with stakeholders from across the sector, including operators, trade and industry associations, peak bodies and unions. For the first time, the reset was expanded to the entire resources sector, including explosives and petroleum and gas.

Resets focused on building an industry culture of open and comprehensive reporting and investigation of near miss events, without fear, to encourage vigilance and diligence in hazard identification and control.

Tragically, in September and November 2021, during and after the reset period, two fatalities occurred in Queensland coal mines.

These events highlight again the findings from the 2019 Brady Review of the need for a chronic sense of unease when operations appear to be running safely. They also reinforced the need for ongoing vigilance in identifying hazards, investigating incidents thoroughly, and applying effective risk controls.

RSHQ conducted its own safety reset in October 2021 to sharpen focus on the importance of chronic unease and enhance internal safety culture.

More information

Read Minister for Resources, Scott Stewart MP media statement: No room for complacency when it comes to Queenslanders' safety.

See the Minister’s video introduction to the 2021 Safety Reset.

Email safetyreset@rshq.qld.gov.au for more information on the 2021 Safety Reset.

Last updated: 16 Dec 2021